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Theater of Romance

"My name is Romance..."

Radio dramas were plays, operettas, and other types of performances, usually seen in stage or movie theaters, that were adapted especially for radio. he radio drama brought these dazzling presentations into the home, costing the listeners only the initial price of their radios for a front row seat in the theater of imagination.

What makes Theater of Romance more elegant than the archetypal radio drama of the same era was the number of brilliant Hollywood celebrities that performed on the show. Between 1943-1952, the revolving cast included luminaries Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Henry Fonda, and Errol Flynn. Against a backdrop of sentimental music, performers acted out famous movie scripts, such as "Daddy Long Legs", "Stage Door," "Casablanca," "It Happened One Night, " "Goodbye Mr. Chips, " "Stage Door," and "Dark Victory."

There are 207 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Lady Hamilton August 23, 1943
Mrs Moonlight August 30, 1943
Dark Victory September 20, 1943
The Barker September 27, 1943
Elisabeth Of Austria October 25, 1943
Daddy Long Legs November 1, 1943
The Barker August 1, 1944
Lady Hamilton August 8, 1944
Pride And Prejudice August 29, 1944
Bachelor Mother November 21, 1944
Intermezzo November 28, 1944
Rendezvous At Mayerling December 5, 1944
Casablanca December 19, 1944
Stage Door July 18, 1944
My Man Godfrey July 11, 1944
Goodbye Mr Chips July 4, 1944
Elisabeth Of Austria January 25, 1944
A Quiet Wedding February 1, 1944
Seventh Heaven February 22, 1944
A Lady In Love February 29, 1944
Petticoat Fever April 25, 1944
Love Song May 23, 1944
Pride And Prejudice June 13, 1944
Ball Of Fire January 23, 1945
Lost Horizon February 6, 1945

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